Founded in 2015 in Paris, Tremblepierre is a ready-to-wear brand that revisits the kimono and makes it its flagship piece.

The designer, Olivia Berthelot, was born in Brittany in 1985. She began studying Fine Arts before moving to costume design and then to fashion where her creative talent has flourished. After her journey through a wealth of professional experience, she decided to create Tremblepierre. This new chapter is in many ways a quest to discover and define the figure of the paradoxical and magnetic woman who fascinates her so much… The Tremblepierre Woman.

The traditional Japanese kimono is a true work of art. It boasts exceptional longevity, all the while conveying strong values that are passed down from generation to generation. It embodies the arts of dressing, folding, dyeing, embroidery, printing and its design, as practical as it is aesthetic, make it an exceptional piece of clothing. The kimono is precious and adaptable: it can be both formal or casual depending on the way it is worn.

In reinterpreting this intercultural piece, the Tremblepierre brand cements its position somewhere between tradition and modernity. The kimonos are adjustable: a belted kimono dress becomes a light jacket. In winter, a silk or cotton kimono is swapped for one made of heavier wool. Sometimes reversible, it becomes a piece that can be transformed according to the mood of the wearer.

Comfortable and easy to wear, the Tremblepierre kimono is a strong and contemporary piece that resonates with modern, international women.

Indeed, it is the embodiment of that illusive figure that so enthralls its creator: The Tremblepierre woman. As much chic Parisian cool as Californian glamor. As romantic as it is fanciful, as sophisticated as it is nonchalant. Elegant yet audacious. She is coquettish and relishes in her own inherent contrasts by day, exquisitely feminine with her red vinyl kimono. By night, sober and minimalist in her black silk crepe kimono.

A balanced mix of luxury and casual, Tremblepierre embraces timeless aesthetic through pieces that are exclusive and comfortable. The brand plays with clichés bringing an off-the-wall touch to its designs. The clean lines and oversized shapes of the kimonos give a strong look to the silhouettes. The fabrics are sometimes fluid to give flexibility to a look, sometimes more rigid lending a graphic air.

Kimonos are designed and made in France to preserve the excellence of French savoir-faire and sustain the quality of impeccable finishes. They are produced in limited exclusive edition and sometimes in unique pieces. The fabrics are selected for their eco-friendly nature and innovative production quality.